All Americans must ask themselves; why is President Trump more apt to blame President Obama and the victims of the crime than our adversary and the perpetrator of said crime? There must be no further doubt that Vladimir Putin has something on Trump and that the man who is supposed to be the leader of our country and the free world is not acting in the best interest of America and our allies. For those who would continue to support him and call people like me, un-American, I have several points that you must answer honestly if you truly believe that I am un-American.

1) There is absolutely no doubt that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. 17 Intelligence Agencies, The Senate Intelligence Committee, 26 indictments of Russians individuals and companies and almost unanimous consent in Congress have all come to this conclusion.

2) Russia has been considered an adversary for almost 7 decades. They threaten the peace and stability of Europe and nations around the world.

3) Russia has allied itself with Bashar al-Assad, the genocidal dictator of Syria. This runs contrary to everything the United States believes in and is in opposition to the values of the true Conservative Republican ideology.

4) Russia has forged an alliance with Iran, a nation Trump claims to despise.

5) Trump has signaled his desire to withdrawal troops from Syria. He was extremely critical of President Obama’s decision to adhere to President Bush’s Status of Forces Agreement which was an agreement with the Iraqi Government to withdrawal our troops in 2011. In fact, he called President Obama the “founder of ISIS” in a campaign speech to which thousands of his supporters cheered. Now he wants to leave Syria before the mission is complete, leaving a power vacuum to be filled by Russia and Iran and possibly allowing the reemergence of ISIS.

6) Republicans and Conservatives once believed in the strength of our alliances. This week, Trump attacked our NATO allies because he doesn’t understand that we not only protect them from Russia but they help us keep Russia at bay and prevent them from spreading their influence throughout Europe. It is a mutual alliance from which all members benefit. The only time Article 5 (An attack on one is an attack on all) was initiated was after 9-11 and NATO Nations came to our defense and aid.

7) Conservatives once believed in free trade and thought tariffs were an impediment on open markets. Trump seems all too happy to let his supporters suffer as he treats international trade deals as if they were Manhattan real estate negotiations. Farmers will suffer because they are losing foreign markets. Consumers will suffer as the cost of goods increase. Workers in certain manufacturing sectors will lose their jobs as factories close due to the high cost of raw materials.

Trump supporters had many reasons to vote for him. They believed in his message and they truly hoped he would deliver. Unfortunately, Trump is like a shiny car with an old, broken engine. For those who didn’t take time to look under the hood, you are now finding out that what you bought was all flash, no substance. The longer you drive it, the more dangerous it is. It’s costing you a lot more than what you paid for it and you certainly don’t want to pass on to your kids. You could try to sell it to your neighbor, but chances are they already know it’s a lemon.

So now we are stuck with a man who finds it easier to blame his predecessors for all of his failings. He uses misinformation, alternate facts and blatant lies to obfuscate his administration’s questionable policies and decisions. He has denied the veracity of taped interviews and called the free press, “the enemy of the people.” Each point contained in this article is not opinion, it is researched fact. All I ask is that you reflect upon the argument I have presented to you.

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