Starting Friday, May 1, golf courses, marinas, guided fishing trips and privately owned campgrounds may reopen statewide but they are required to follow the updated life-sustaining business guidance by the Wolf Administration. The guidance list includes specifics for how these outdoor recreational industries can resume activities while prioritizing public health and safety. However, campgrounds in state parks will remain closed through Thursday, May 14.

“Practicing social distancing takes a little planning and patience but it is necessary if we want to continue to flatten the curve while ensuring that Pennsylvanians have opportunities to de-stress and get exercise,” Wolf said. “Finding the balance between enjoying the outdoors and staying safe is only possible when all Pennsylvanians are abiding by the same precautions. It’s critical that all Pennsylvanians adhere to the safety guidelines to allow for these outdoor activities to remain available to the public.”

You can find a copy of the updated life-sustaining business guidance HERE!

Copy of the FAQ can be found HERE!

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