There are many people, who are known as “essential worker,” who are out there going above and beyond the call of duty. Many of these unsung heroes are overlooked and taken for granted.

A West Chester native, Kathleen A Parsons, a seasoned Real Estate professional, has launched a campaign to thank these essential workers and is seeking nominations of individuals who truly deserve our gratitude. This campaign is an opportunity to acknowledge and praise those of you who deserve a shout-out during this pandemic.

Parsons has set aside funds to present a $20 restaurant gift card to essential workers every Friday morning, “until we get back to full normal.”

Every Friday morning, Kathleen A Parsons, LLC will randomly choose one of the nominations to win a lunch of their choosing up to a $20 value at Two Birds Cafe in West Chester or a $20 gift card to a restaurant in their area.

Parsons further states, “Because we feel you are essential for nominating this person, the person who nominated the winner will also be given the same prize. They must both be redeemed within 14 days of the winners’ announcement. ALL orders are pick up only and available only during current business hours.”

To learn more information and to nominate an essential worker, visit the following Facebook page: Kathleen A Parsons, LLC