Did the Democrats in Washington cave on the Shutdown?

There seems to be a lot of wrangling and Far Left consternation about Chuck Schumer and the Democrats “caving” to the Republicans. They have been accused of “kicking the can down the road”. The “road” is only 3 weeks long and if during this time, Republicans have promised to negotiate a DACA bill. Schumer has put them in a corner. If they fail to deliver on their promises, the Nation will finally see the Republican leadership for what they are. If Schumer and the Democrats can get a DACA bill, they will have been been able to protect the 800,000 DACA recipients, keep the Government open and deliver Health Care to 9 million underprivileged children.

Those that see this as “caving” were not paying attention to the polls. Yes, 90% of Americans are for DACA. However, only 60% were for shutting down the Government over the issue and the the longer people were kept out of work, revenue was lost and people lost their benefits, the worse it would have been for Democrats and their cause. Schumer realized that it was not worth losing the war to win a battle. I think I used this line before when describing those that voted for a Third Party or stayed home in 2016. In fact, the arguments coming out of the Far Left now sound very familiar to those I heard during that election. Playing the long game does not seem to be the forte of these people.

Schumer allowed Senator McCaskill, who will be facing a tough re-election, to propose funding the military through the shutdown. McConnell objected. He allowed Two other Senators to propose a 1 day and a 3 day Shutdown. McConnell objected. So for those who are actually paying attention to the minutiae of what is going on and not just looking at the headlines, Minority Leader Schumer played a masterful game of putting Leader McConnell in a box. If, by February 8th, the Republicans and President Trump have not agreed to a DACA Deal, the Democrats will be able to shutdown the Government, show they negotiated in good faith, blame the Republicans 100% and protect their members in the upcoming elections. That is how they win in 2018.





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