Our online community has been built into our site to help draw people together.  Unlike other social media platforms, we will not collect nor sell YOUR information.  If you are familiar with such platforms as Facebook, Nextdoor, LinkedIn, and others then you should have no problems navigating around our online Community.   We created this community to help you reach out and talk with your neighbors – whether they live next door on the side of the county – we are all One Community.

The platform is new and we hope many in the county embrace it. We created individual groups for all the municipalities throughout the county and we have one group for the county. You are welcomed, in fact encourage, to join a group where you live; but, you are also welcomed to join other groups too.  We are working on adding more groups.  You will have the ability to create a profile, upload/share photos, post comments, and even chat.  And unlike others platforms, if you have a desire to talk politics, then you are free to do so. (However, you must follow our Community Guidelines.)

We believe the only way a community can come together is through dialog and understanding.  So come in and help us grow this community. Create your profile today and stay connected! It’s Free!