We are looking to build a vibrant community that fosters an exchange of ideas and positive opinions.


Why Get Interactive?
  • To stay informed and more engaged;
  • To hold an exchange of ideas and generate new thoughts on various subjects;
  • To connect with others in our community;
  • To get to know others from different backgrounds;
  • We value your opinions.

We believe an interactive website will attract and encourage visitors to stay informed and engage with others in our community.


We plan to add more interactive content over the next few months. So keep your eyes open.

Our Community

We created this online community to draw people together.  Unlike other social media platforms, we will not collect and sell YOUR information.  And unlike others platforms, if you want to talk politics, then you are free to do so in a civil manner.*  We believe the only way a community can come together is through dialog and understanding.  So come in, create a profile and get active!  * = Strict rules will apply.

how much do you know?

So how well do you THINK you know about Chester County? Take the quiz and see how much or little you know.  (We plan to add many more questions/answers in the near future but we will need your help. Submit your questions are answers HERE!)