In the fight against COVID-19, officials in Chester County has officials announced today the County’s plan to undertake antibody testing of priority individuals who are currently performing essential functions This is the first in the Commonwealth to undertake such a test – a pin-prick blood test to determine the presence of antibodies.

The County officials stated this, “is the first in the Commonwealth to undertake such a test.” It has been reported to date, three County residents have died from the virus, and at this time there are a total of 304 cases have been confirmed in the County.

“We have just received a shipment of 10,000 blood test kits and are expecting a second shipment of 10,000 more next week. These kits will be administered to priority individuals – emergency responders, healthcare workers and staff at long-term care facilities throughout Chester County, to determine those who have developed coronavirus antibodies, with or without symptoms,” said County Commissioners’ Chair Marian Moskowitz.

The first level priority testing will begin this week, beginning with the Prison, Pocopson Home, and Chester County Youth Center. Hospitals and long-term care facilities will administer the test, supplied by the County, themselves. The County’s health and emergency services officials are currently refining a system of testing for first responders, which will also begin this week.

Chester County Commissioner Michelle Kichline said, “As we review the results of the antibody blood tests, we will work with first responders, hospitals and long-term care facilities to determine how the results can best be used to manage this crisis. It is our intention to continue sourcing more of the blood test kits. The more we have, the more people we can test to get a fuller picture of how many have had COVID-19 in Chester County, either knowingly or unknowingly.”