Think about it, please. If you heard of a country where they lock up two year olds, rip five year olds from their parent’s arms and lock up 10 year olds all while being separated from their parents and not being able to speak the language, what would you think? And what if you found out that they were trying to enter the country legally because they feared for their lives in their own country? They are being threatened by gangs, supported by their own government. These gangs want to rape the young girls, conscript the young boys into their drug trade and kill the parents. These BROWN people are trying to legally seek asylum yet the shining city on the hill they have heard about for generations has turned their back on them and instead of giving aid and comfort, they arrest them and separate them from their children and put babies in cages. 

You are intrigued by this country so you want to learn more. You find out that the leader of this nation considers almost 3,000 deaths on one of its protectorate territories as a result of Hurricane Maria, a success. In fact, it almost sounds like he is blaming the citizens of the island because they already had a poor electrical system. The leader continues to congratulate himself even though many organizations see the rising death toll linked to the hurricane from last year. Yet the leader reminds us that this was an “island in the middle of the ocean” so he should get extra credit for doing such a terrific job. Below the text is a picture of him throwing paper towels to victims of the hurricane. 

Then you read on to find out that the leader of this nation, who lost the popular vote by 3 million people. Yet he and his administration continue to say he was “overwhelmingly elected” and “has a mandate from the people.” This cannot be true since he lost the popular vote by a very large margin. He claimed that these votes were illegal and set up a “task force” to prove what only he and his sycophantic supporters believed. After several months of being rebuked by states’ Attorney Generals, this task force was disbanded with zero evidence of fraudulent voting. 

You also find out that this country used to be one of the leading nations in the fight against climate change. However, because a new angry, jealous and petty leader replaced the old one, he pulled us out of the Paris Accord which is simply an agreement that all countries will work to reduce their harm on the environment. Of course things infuriated the new leader because he would not be told what to do. Especially when it comes to a hoax that he had learned all about from his favorite Intelligence source, a cable news channel. He is also hell bent on rolling back all of his predecessors regulations which were implemented to help clean the air and water.

Yes, as you read on you discover that the leader of the nation, with the greatest Intelligence Community at his disposal, ignores them and receives all pertinent information and facts from a cable news network. You learn that that network repeats everything the leader says as gospel, whether it’s true or not. We also saw quotes that the current leader is the “only that can fix it”, “the Press is the enemy of the people”, “I have a great brain”,”I am stable genius” and threatening tweets to foreign adversary. 

What would you honestly think about this country and the leader they have? 

I am going to include the most recent statistics I could find on Hurricane Maria and the REAL death toll in Puerto Rico. These are American Citizens who lost their lives because of the inefficient response of the government. Yesterday, Trump gave himself  an A+ for his response to Puerto Rico and the hurricane. There almost 3,000 people who died because Trump failed to provide proper aid to this island.

Then you may watch his comments about Hurricane Florence, FEMA and Puerto Rico(where almost 3,000 people died yet he calls an “unsung success”). There is absolutely no doubt that his mental faculties are deteriorating. He can barely put together a sentence using proper grammar and using vocabulary above a third grade level. He doesn’t seem to know many adjectives other than “strong”, “powerful” or “strongly” which is actually an adverb. He often misuses words and is prone to repeat himself. His relationship with the truth is well documented. Their leader  lies an average of 8 times a day, give or take. He lies about big things. He lies about small things. He  even finds it necessary to throw in lies about things his administration has actually done that are good for the nation yet by lying about “how big it is”, “how historic it is” or “how he was the first to do it,” this bombastic Leader distracts from the message and forces the media to focus on the lie and fact check his statements.  Did you hear him at his rally last week when he tried to say “anonymous?” He could barely pronounce the word. The more he tried, the more words he slurred. The problem with this speech is there were just so many things in it that made people worry about his sanity, I don’t think I have heard many people talk about this in a serious way. Late Night hosts have made great fodder out of it, but maybe I missed the serious discussions about the substance and inability of the leader’s speech. Whatever we focus our attention on, rational people cannot escape the fact that the leader of the greatest nation in the world  is not a stable actor and there is plenty of documentation and testimony to that effect.


I got so sidetracked I forgot to talk about the fact that he actually double fist bumped on his way to a 9/11 Memorial. An event that has become so solemn and so sacred in our history that we take time every year to remember every name of the people who died on that day.
Yet this mentally and socially inept individual started out by treating it like he was going to one of his Pod People Rallies. No one acts like this. The true mystery is what is wrong with the people who support and defend him. But we can debate that another day.